We create modern websites!

We have many years of experience in building unique websites based upon our sense of creativity, knowledge of code and the CMS platform Joomla!


Effective web!

We ensure that we create a website that suits your business by analyzing your needs and the visitors to your site.


A feeling for digital design!

We love creating well-made websites that are designed with both feeling and careful consideration.


Responsive design

We build websites with the latest frameworks that responsively adapt to smartphones, tablets, laptops and stationary computers.

joomla webbyr
Joomla webbyr

Web design agency with a deep knowledge of Joomla CMS!

We have many years of experience in building unique websites based upon our sense of creativity, knowledge of code and the CMS platform, Joomla.

We help your company with effective web marketing. We built everything from e-commerce shops and intranet to special components and simpler campaign sites. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or ask for a estimate!

International: + 44 (0) 808 18 91 022
Sweden / Norwegian: + 46 (0) 31 38 60 600

Responsive design Joomla


effective web with Joomla

Effective web

We ensure that we create a website that suits your business by analyzing your needs and the visitors to your site. We build both complex sites that are functionally-rich as well as simpler sites. We can also ensure that your website grows with your business.

attractive design, websites, web design, CMS, Joomla

A feeling for digital design!

We love creating well-made websites that are designed with both feeling and careful consideration. Content and appearance go hand-in-hand in our websites.

mobile friendliness responsive design Joomla

Responsive design

We build websites with the latest frameworks that responsively adapt to smartphones, tablets, laptops and stationary computers. This is why the impression your website makes will be equally as good regardless of what your visitor is surfing with.

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Large companies use Joomla CMS:

Some of the largest companies in the world choose Joomla. Here is a selection:

  • brand Ikea large company
  • brand GE enterprise
  • brand eBay company
  • brand Kelloggs large company
  • brand Pizzahut large company
  • brand Jaguar enterprise
  • brand Maersk Joomla enterprise
  • brand MTV large company
  • company, large brand Western
  • brand wwf Joomla CMS company
  • brand Orange large company
  • brand Sony enterprise
  • brand EU large organisations
  • brand McDonald enterprise
  • brand Tesco large company
  • brand HP Palm enterprise

What do our customers say?

  • HampusThe management and upgrading of Friluftsvaror.se with accompanying back-end was handled by Joomlaprofessionals.com within stipulated time with excellent results. With an online shop in a highly competitive market it is important to handle cases quickly with as little down-time as possible which thanks to excellent personal service was minimal.

    We recommend Joomlaprofessionals.com because of their ability to take action quickly, a high degree of involvement and knowledge as well as their excellent service and professional attitude.

    Markus Palm, Friluftsvaror Intrade AB

    Peter MattssonWe have worked with Joomlaprofessionals.com for many years and have had nothing other than positive business relationship with them. They have handled the technical aspects excellently and created a first-class design within the allotted amount of time. They have met our needs fully and have always been available when technical support for the online shop or websites has been needed. They have an excellent ability to explain things clearly when they are helping us with all manner of questions regarding technology and images, and this has made it feasible for us to come as close as realistically possible to realizing our vision. We are very pleased with Joomlaprofessionals.com availability and quick problem-solving abilities and will certainly continue to use their services. We recommend them warmly.

    Peter Mattsson, Hälsogiganten/Nova Hälsocenter/Troofah Medical

  • babyJoomlaprofessionals.com has created a new design for our website. We are very happy with both the results and how they have handled everything. They have delivered everything we agreed upon plus more and within the time and budget agreed upon.

    Very professional and pleasurable to cooperate with.

    Håkan Fredriksson, Owner at BabyNord AB

    Thomas CaeWN Media helped us with a new graphic profile and website. Very sharp, knowledgeable and accommodating. I like to have a personal relationship with our suppliers and this is what I have with WN Media. Recommended!

    Thomas Olander, Marketing Manager at CAE Value AB

  • Hakan

    Very short process from rough specifications to finished site including migration, new design, SEO, images and more. Very pleasant and responsive. Our content was migrated and after this we had a fully adapted, responsive and well-structured site, all without complications.

    We are as satisfied as we can be and will continue to use their services.

    Per-Håkan Olausson, Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon at SkinDoc

    martinGood to discuss with; know what they are doing regarding the web, clever at design and delivering on time. Clearly worth the money spent.

    Martin Malmborg, Managing Director at DonsoData


Upgrade/Migrate Virtuemart 1 to 2

Experts in e-commerce for Joomla!

Since inception, we have specialized and helped e-tailers worldwide.

Already at the start, we began to build e-commerce. This has led to a deep knowledge of how to create effective e-commerce with Joomla CMS.

After we have built online stores for two years, we started to develop our own Joomla / VirtueMart to improve both the functionality, design and usability in the web shop. This lead to the popular extensions VMuikit, VMonepage and our improved / simplified cash Klarna Checkout Enhanched.

VMuikit which is our absolutely largest component, sold and used by hundreds of e-traders around the world. Likewise, our free "One Page Checkout" downloaded over 6000 times (also across all continents). The input we received from all of these online merchants have been invaluable for developing, improving and really refine the entire experience of the last checkout step.

Today we have gathered all the knowledge and all the tools in building e-commerce to our customers and together with our partners, we can connect to the majority of business systems, payment methods, shipping methods and checkout system which means that we can offer a complete solution from the smallest to the largest customer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our e-commerce solutions info@joomlaprofessionals.com


What can we offer your company?

Here is a selection of our web design agency’s expertise

company websites for Joomla CMS

Company websites

Modern, easy-to-use and cost effective websites for companies and organizations. We create functionally-rich websites!

web design Joomla


We offer courses in Joomla and keyword optimization which we always adapt to your level (of knowledge) and prerequisites.

easy-to-use responsive websites Joomla

Keyword optimization

Today, tough competition makes it difficult to be ranked highly by Google’s search engine. We optimize your website so that it is ranked highly.

newsletter in Jooma


We design and set up a template for your newsletters. This is a good way to keep customers updated on what is going on in your company.

Easy-to-use e-commerce in Joomla CMS


We create online shops to suit all levels of ambition. From the simplest online shop to an e-commerce platform for large companies.

mobile friendliness responsive design Joomla

Mobile friendly

Today, it is important that your website function correctly and efficiently on both mobile phones and tablets. We make your site responsive so that it can be viewed and used properly on all screens.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin for Joomla CMS

Social media

We are happy to help you get exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media that suits your needs.

intranet and CRM system Joomla open source

Intranet & CRM

We custom design your company’s intranet/CRM needs in line with your requirements. Joomla offers hundreds of useful extensions for intranet/CRM.

company presentations

Company presentations

Use videos with music and sound effects to describe exactly what your company stands for and the services it offers.

Why should you hire Joomlaprofessionals.com?

Why do we stand out among web design agencies?

high level of expertise in Joomla and web design

Broad register

We build everything from large e-commerce platforms to smaller presentation sites. We can also help you with SEO and specially developed components.

Small web design agency with big knowledge!

Small agency

Too many cooks spoil the broth! Get into contact with a developer, graphic artist and salesperson all wrapped up in one and the same person.

A feeling for web design Joomla attractive web

A feeling for design

We don’t only think that it is fun to work with Joomla. We love creating truly attractive web design and functionally-rich websites!

Developers in Vietnam and India Joomla

Global network

We know a lot but not everything. This is why we have developed a global network with proven specialists who help us with everything from development to translation.

many years of experience with Joomla

Many years of experience

We have many years of experience in working with both Joomla and web design in its entirety. Have a look at our latest projects among our references.

Broad expertise and marketing in Joomla

More than just the web

Our expertise neither begins nor ends with web design. We can assist you with video, printed materials and other needs that other web design agencies cannot.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Contact us and we can tell you more about what we can offer.

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