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Web design agency with a deep knowledge of Joomla CMS!

We have many years of experience in building unique websites based upon our sense of creativity, knowledge of code and the CMS platform, Joomla.

We help your company with effective web marketing. We built everything from e-commerce shops and intranet to special components and simpler campaign sites. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or ask for a estimate!

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J and Beyond 2017 WinnerBest open source CMS 2017

Award-winning web agency with an award-winning CMS tool!

In June 2017 we won the award for the best Joomlasida of the year for our project "Nintendo Nordic" (read more) And according to the votes on CMS Critics, the Joomla utility has won the best open source / PHP CMS three consecutive years (read more).

excellence in web and IT


With the help of technical knowledge modifies and adapts we all there is to joomla and develops it does not yet exist. We also help to optimize the page for the best possible performance.

attractive design, websites, web design, CMS, Joomla

A feeling for digital design!

We love creating well-made websites that are designed with both feeling and careful consideration. On our web pages can look hand in hand with the content.

Complete solution for web and IT

Complete solution

We take care of everything, if we can. From user-friendly and stylish design to the fast servers. We ensure that all aspects of your digital marketing pull together and make the big picture provides more than just its individual parts together.

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Not only Joomla - Linux servers and proprietary cached open source solutions!

linux zimbra servers

We proudly launch our new international web site for Linux servers and own coughed open source solutions!

Not only have we built websites in all forms, such as intranets, company presentations, e-commerce, promotion sites, community and newsletters over the years. We also help these companies with their IT environment most often in terms of servers. But what then is a server and what's "serving" it for utility?

For example, a server may be a mail server (like Zimbra), and then it will take care of all mail, calendar, meetings, to-do lists and other features that are important to a company.

Servers can also host web pages or intranets. Managing the power of the web server depends on how much traffic, how much requirements and ambitions one has with their web solution. The power of the server is customized by allocating more or less CPU (RAM), RAM (RAM), HDD (storage space), and network speed.

Another thing a server can use with companies is to take care of all files. Most people have probably heard of or maybe tested services like Dropbox or Google Drive. We have similar software like Nextcloud that can be installed on a server and works just as well but completely free of charge per user (which makes it much easier and cheaper to scale up depending on the number of employees).

There are also newsletters (send newsletter 100x cheaper than MailChimp) or financial programs with features like recurring invoices and quotes.

We also modify Linux servers to suit the various types of demanding projects. For example, we have built extremely fast servers that run large webshops with tens of thousands of visits a day.

What is a common denominator in all of the above is that we work with open source which today is more of a standard than an exception. Where other solutions charge per user or sent letters, open source solutions become scalable and cheaper in the long run. In addition, you have control and access to the entire system. More and more state and private companies begin to understand open source projects like Linux and Zimbra not only saves money - they make things better and faster too!

An important advantage is that you can decide where the server should be physically located and who has access to it. Laying out sensitive information on servers abroad without control of who has access to the information is something both companies and authorities should be careful about.

Listen to you and we will tell you more! And take a look at our international website about these services at

What can we offer your company?

Here is a selection of our web design agency’s expertise

company websites for Joomla CMS

Company websites

Modern, easy to use and cost effective websites for businesses and organizations. We create functionally-rich websites!

web design Joomla


We offer courses in Joomla and keyword optimization which we always adapt to your level (of knowledge) and prerequisites.

easy-to-use responsive websites Joomla

Keyword optimization

Today, tough competition makes it difficult to be ranked highly by Google’s search engine. We optimize your website so that it is ranked highly.

newsletter in Jooma


We design and set up a template for your newsletters. This is a good way to keep customers updated on what is going on in your company.

Easy-to-use e-commerce in Joomla CMS


We create online shops to suit all levels of ambition. From the simplest online shop to an e-commerce platform for large companies.

mobile friendliness responsive design Joomla

Mobile friendly

Today, it is important that your website function correctly and efficiently on both mobile phones and tablets. We make your site responsive so that it can be viewed and used properly on all screens.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin for Joomla CMS

Social media

We are happy to help you get exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media that suits your needs.

intranet and CRM system Joomla open source

Intranet & CRM

We custom design your company’s intranet/CRM needs in line with your requirements. Joomla offers hundreds of useful extensions for intranet/CRM.

company presentations

Company presentations

Describe the motion picture, music and sound effects with just your company stands for and what services you offer.

Hosting and serving for Joomla CMS

Hosting / Server

We dare say that we offer the fastest serves for Joomla CMS.

Developing web php scripting

Developer / Programming

We help you to expand the functionality of your website.

Linux Consultants

Linux Consultants

We take care of the heart of your IT operations.

Why should you hire

Why do we stand out among web design agencies?

high level of expertise in Joomla and web design

Broad register

We build everything from large e-commerce platforms to smaller presentation sites. We can also help you with SEO and specially developed components.

Small web design agency with big knowledge!

Small agency

Too many cooks spoil the broth! Get into contact with a developer, graphic artist and salesperson all wrapped up in one and the same person.

A feeling for web design Joomla attractive web

A feeling for design

We don’t only think that it is fun to work with Joomla. We love creating truly attractive web design and functionally-rich websites!

Developers in Vietnam and India Joomla

Global network

We know a lot but not everything. This is why we have developed a global network with proven specialists who help us with everything from development to translation.

many years of experience with Joomla

Many years of experience

We have many years of experience in working with both Joomla and web design in its entirety. Have a look at our latest projects among our references.

Broad expertise and marketing in Joomla

More than just the web

Our expertise neither begins nor ends with web design. We can assist you with video, printed materials and other needs that other web design agencies cannot.

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