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Joomla CMS has lots of extensions to build an e-commerce or catalog. Depending on the level of ambition, there are several components to choose from. But to really understand the benefits and opportunities of building e-commerce Joomla CMS, you have to understand the drawbacks of other systems. For example if you look at Magento or PrestaShop (two popular tools for e-commerce), these are completely focused specifically on ecommerce. Do you also have a system that manages the website "around" e-commerce so are the functions which are limited. When it comes to easily build smart campaign pages, sales pages, blogs, document management (manuals for products), media archives, support systems, multi-language support, and more so, most e-commerce platforms are limited. Here Joomla strength in and by utilizing this and relax on a component for e-commerce to get the best of both worlds. This gives you a complete solution without expensive additional costs for special developing quite so simple features.

Then you might think that the components of e-commerce is limited to Joomla? No not at all! There are several to choose from and the most established 10 has been around for years now and developed steadily since. Webshops with hundreds of thousands of products at full international sales are as references.

Links to all the major business systems Visma, Mamut and Pyramid are. Likewise, there are links to all the usual shipping companies.


References (web shops, we built):


We offer the best e-commerce services on both web and in-store for 2018:


Swish payment to Joomla / Virtuemart

Swish payment - Sveriges easiest payment

Perhaps Sweden's most used payment method today! The absolute largest majority of Swedes use Swish mint once a week. We can offer all our shop payment with Swish.

Unifaun and Postnord frak for your online store VirtueMart / Joomla

Easy shipping for your webshop

We have features to integrate Unifaun's freight system to facilitate all your deliveries. Unifaun Online is the only system you need to connect with your carriers, warehouses, customers and others. Everybody gets the information they need

Just pay with iZettle in your store

Card payment in store (sync with webshop)

With iZettle, you can pay directly at your store. All you need is a smartphone is a tablet. There are also receipts and other necessities for a small to large store. Everything with stock and products fully integrated with our webshops.


bitcoin litecoin etheriumTake paid with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in your VirtueMart / Joomla shop.

Of course, there are lots of different payment methods we can use such as Payson, PayPal and 2Checkout and many more. We have also developed payment methods to receive the most common cryptovalutes as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Please tell us if there is any specific crypto box you want to integrate into your webshop. Contact us at


Klarna payment with Joomla / Virtuemart

As a gold partner with Klarna, we offer the fastest cash for both businesses and consumers. Klarna is undoubtedly the market leader in Sweden and the Nordic region and has all the important payment methods in their portfolio so that you can provide exactly what your customers and partners need. It is 100% safe to use Klarna for both buyer and seller. In addition, we have developed a self-checkout to Klarna Checkout (Klarna's recent cash based on version 4.x) with multiple opportunities for extremely fast and simple to buy (often called the One Page Checkout).


What is Klarna Checkout and how does it work?

What is Klarna Checkout and how does it work?

With Klarna Checkout, the customer need only fill in the e-mail address and zip code, and then complete the purchase. The simplicity minimizes the risk that someone cancels a purchase.

More intelligent payment

More intelligent payment

First confirmed purchase - then choose the buyer how it should be paid. The purchase is made before the payment simplifies the purchasing process and allows the conversion rate increases.

Minimal administration

Minimal administration

Whether the buyer chooses to pay by invoice, account, bank transfer or cards do you have that traders a single point of contact, one contract and reconciliation file. Easier is not.

For all platforms

For all platforms

Klarna Checkout is prepared for PC, mobile and tablet. Are finished working for, among others VirtueMart Joomla.



There is much to say about the sophisticated safety system behind Klarna Checkout. But the important thing is this: We take all the risk. For both buyers and sellers.


brighten invoice business b2bKlarna Checkout - now also for corporate clients (B2B and B2C)

Now you can using Klarna Checkout also sell to corporate customers. That means it is the only solution you need - what and how you're selling, and using the same seamless experience.

You can now activate acquisitions in Klarna Checkout. Buyer identiefieras simple as a business customer by, in addition to email and postal codes, also fill in the number. After that the customer can easily select separate billing and shipping addresses - so that one expects from the acquisition. It is also possible to add comments to a free text field.



Other features we developed for e-commerce are:

- Intelligent search functions (so your customers always find what they are looking for in your shop)
- Connections to business systems
- Connections to the shipping company (PostNord / Unifaun)
- Advanced E-commerce connections to AcyMailing, Mailchimp and reMarkety
- Google Merchant & Google Analytics, eCommerce


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