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An attractive web design is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our work is so much more than just creating attractive websites. A website’s design is the first thing a visitor sees, but the visitor also quickly notices if the site is well though-out and user friendly. Or rather, if the page is not well thought out and user friendly. When a website functions as it should, we don't think about what doesn't function. We become irritated when the site is difficult to navigate or it lacks what we expect. When this happens it doesn't matter how nice it looks.

To avoid this, a deeper analysis and planning process regarding its purpose and visitors is needed. Then it is also easier to determine what design the website ought to have.


Wireframe website2Planning and analysis

What is needed to be able to convert your knowledge about your business and customers into a successful website?

Technical analysis, slideshow, newsletter, product catalogue, e-commerce or just a contact page? We find out what technical requirements your site needs now, as well as what may be needed in the future.

Graphic analysis We ensure that your website’s design matches your graphic profile and is compatible with all its technical requirements.

Wireframe We create a draft structure together with you in which we place all of the different parts together in an overall layout.

User friendliness Who will be using your site? And why? Aside from the site having a logical and well thought-out structure, it is also important to determine what its purpose is. When we do this, it is easier to direct the visitors' attention to the site's key functions.





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