Website for environmentally conscious products


We built a new modern web design for a company that sells products that focus on environmental and energy saving.

We do not always build websites that promote services, companies or products. The CMS tools also allow you to create platforms for support and assistance for existing customers.

A recurring problem that we have had on many websites is getting the right size and format of images. It is easy for us to manipulate the images correctly in Photoshop, but not all of our customers have worked in photoshop or even have the program.

Housing Services is a housing agency that since 2010 has had an online service where private individuals can put up their homes for rent. The site was built in joomla 1.5 and was in need of a major update.

Joomlaproffs has built a new application system and website for KulturUngdom, an association that distributes cultural support to young creators in the Västra Götaland region.

This summer not only meant ice cream and bathing for joomla pros as we took the opportunity to update our plugin site and also developed new tools to deliver exciting and modern web pages.

Must Bra is a family business and work to achieve optimal health and well-being contacted us to also reach an optimal web page.

A new project where we had to try our knowledge in automating and generating print-ready PDF files.

Which wines are really the best? The Italian or the French. IlQuinto unites French knowledge with Italian soil and may perhaps get the best of two wine cultures.

New page for Paris-based PR agency. The site is built in WordPress and is bilingual. is an old and loyal customer of who had started to look at our latest tool Vmuikit 5.0.

Joomlaproffs has invested in new backup servers based on ARM processors. But what is ARM and what is so good about these? Well, the brain of the computer is its CPU ...

In order to avoid duplication, it is common to connect different services so that they can easily be administered from one place.

New website for ON5 Company a company that helps large companies and organizations save energy in their processes and systems.

Markus Raditz at Linköping University has gone in depth about how business and open source can play with and against each other. In his doctoral thesis, Markus goes through important aspects of community-driven open-source projects and the challenges they face when they are commercialized.

It is a question that many in the Wordpress sphere have begun to ask themselves in recent months after Wordpress launched its new version 5 which contains the heavily criticized Gutenberg editor.

Joomlaproffs has created a new modern web shop for the stylish technology company Scandinavia Accessories. SA sells designed high-quality technology products.

OEM Electronics sells components and equipment for electronics and equipment manufacturers in northern Europe. They had a web page that they were happy with but they could no longer develop further. More languages ​​and features like "megamans" etc. were on the wish list, but their former CMS failed to deliver this.

Joomlapproffs are not just web and joomla enthusiasts, we also have a pride in new tech trends. In recent years it has been difficult to miss all the talk blockchaintechnology and crypto currencies.

The photo expert is a family company that focuses on sports photography and school photography. They annually photograph children and young people around the country, from Malmö in the south to Sundsvall in the north.

Are you in Stockholm and need help with Joomla? Do not hesitate to snap west and listen to us at Joomlaproffs.

As you know, we like the YOOtheme Pro framework sharply. So when Skibranäs, an old faithful customer of us, felt it was time to get a real makeover on his site, there was no doubt what we would do. They already built on YOOtheme's previous framework (Warp 7) so the step to the new YOOtheme Pro was not that far.

You do not have to be in state secrets because today they are exposed to hackers or robots trying to take information from one's web site.

Then the work was done with another webshop built on Joomla CMS. Clean and simple design mixed with powerful filtering features.

Joomlapproffs Claes Norin was the latest guest at pixpro labs where he was talking about entrepreneurship, joomla and life together with Pixpro's Sara Watz's video here.

The war between the browsers has lasted a long time. In the beginning, Netscape challenged Internet Explorer. Then Google and Mozilla came with their products Chrome and Firefox.

We proudly launch our new international web site for Linux servers and own coughed open source solutions! launches an official Telegram group where all beginners, hobby users and professional gurus can meet up and give tips and advice to each other.

Do you have a webshop and a physical store? Then our new component VMiZettle is a must., run by Hults Dryck and Delikatess, sells imported spreads through its e-commerce with a link to the system company.

Do you need extra secure login for your Joomla Project? With BankID, the default log on both banks and governments in Sweden, you only release accepted people on your web page.

We made two new simple shops for the same customer. When there is no cost to start 10 instead of the 1 webshop, there are many strategic opportunities for business.

Bergsala AB would easily and easily be able to work between a living server and a development environment in order to continuously develop the page without having to interfere with the life side. To accomplish this, an advanced feature was required that moves files and database between two servers while configuring the configuration automatically.

Joomla World Conference this year was launched in the eternal city of Rome. It was as we mentioned before the first time the conference took place on European soil and it seems to be the last time. The reason is that the Joomla World Conference, which has been an annual event since 2011 will cease to instead place a focus on more local Joomla Conference.

For the third consecutive year, Joomla wins the world's largest poll on CMS tools and takes home the prize for best free CMS.

One of our customers needed a number of webshops to make it easy to buy and order different kinds of products from their wide range. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla name and logo are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

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