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Linux servers and proprietary cached open source solutions!

We proudly launch our new international web site for Linux servers and own coughed open source solutions! SyntaxServer.io

Not only have we built websites in all forms, such as intranets, company presentations, e-commerce, promotion sites, community and newsletters over the years. We also help these companies with their IT environment most often in terms of servers. But what then is a server and what's "serving" it for utility?

For example, a server may be a mail server (like Zimbra), and then it will take care of all mail, calendar, meetings, to-do lists and other features that are important to a company.

Servers can also host web pages or intranets. Managing the power of the web server depends on how much traffic, how much requirements and ambitions one has with their web solution. The power of the server is customized by allocating more or less CPU (RAM), RAM (RAM), HDD (storage space), and network speed.

Another thing a server can use with companies is to take care of all files. Most people have probably heard of or maybe tested services like Dropbox or Google Drive. We have similar software like Nextcloud that can be installed on a server and works just as well but completely free of charge per user (which makes it much easier and cheaper to scale up depending on the number of employees).

linux zimbra servers

There are also newsletters (send newsletter 100x cheaper than MailChimp) or financial programs with features like recurring invoices and quotes.

We also modify Linux servers to suit the various types of demanding projects. For example, we have built extremely fast servers that run large webshops with tens of thousands of visits a day.

What is a common denominator in all of the above is that we work with open source which today is more of a standard than an exception. Where other solutions charge per user or sent letters, open source solutions become scalable and cheaper in the long run. In addition, you have control and access to the entire system. More and more state and private companies begin to understand open source projects like Linux and Zimbra not only saves money - they make things better and faster too!

An important advantage is that you can decide where the server should be physically located and who has access to it. Laying out sensitive information on servers abroad without control of who has access to the information is something both companies and authorities should be careful about.

Listen to you and we will tell you more! And take a look at our international website about these services at https://syntaxserver.io

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