Try the new administration in Joomla XNUMZ!


Here you can try the new mobile-friendly administration tool in Joomla 3.0. Joomla 3.0 has now been released in Alpha 2 and the work is going to compile a stable version for a little over a month ...

Joomla will be the first CMS tool that will be 100% adapted for mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. This means that all functions in the administration tool now easy to operate ...

Games in London has now been running for many days and Sweden have managed to pick anyway some medals so far.

We are launching our latest web design is done for now, BRP is a small shipping company in Gothenburg. The site is built in Joomla, and specially designed by Joomlaproffs for customer requests.

Now you who want to test the new Bootstrap interface in Joomla make it in the past alphan. Joomla 3.0 is first released to the stable 3.5 which also will have the support of 18månader ...

While summer rains away sits Joomlaproffs and develops in the future Web technologies. Our TLD has received a facelift with new design and effective bagrunder ...

Retail Solutions had a 1.5 Joomla website with a little hard administered template installed. We helped Retail Solutions with a modern and easy to use template, and we ...

Kunena 2.0 is a major upgrade and enhancement of the very well-made forum component for Joomla 2.5. All the old code from previous and outdated forums ...

The film has now subtitled 19 languages ​​eg Russian, Polish, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Spanish, Vitnamesiska, Romanian and has been dubbed into French (more accolades are in the pipeline).

We have built a new website for Baby North, a company that sells organic and fair trade children's products to retailers around Sweden and other countries. Web design is as usual specially made of Joomlaproffs.

We here at have compiled a simple but powerful PDF with the most important thing you should consider for sökordsoptimeringen your website. It addresses the most important HTML tags, good approach for the title tag, domain and homepage configuration and other restrictions ...

Gekas was the year's commercial site

Sweden Joomlaförening crowned this year's sites under Joomladay Sweden, held in Stockholm in late May. We at Joomlaproffs unfortunately could not visit the event. During the conference was quality department store Gekås conditional as the best commercial site. Gekas is visited annually by millions of Swedes and department store even has its own reality show on TV.

It will not be long until something experimental version of Joomla 3.0 launched. Joomla .0 release is the most experimental versions and it is not recommended to use these on live sites. You should at least wait until 3.1 or maybe LTS ...

After some very good suggestions from the Joomla Marketing team we have Adjusted our first release of this video to a v1.1. We are taking notes on a v2.0 with new narrative, scenes and statistics. Please send email to for suggestions.

After a month of May, we are looking forward to this summer projects has created a film about Joomla shown at J & Beyond has received very positive feedback! The film is a 2minuter long movie about Joomla explaining briefly what Joomla is and mentions some different statistics about Joomla's development since its inception 2006.

Now jab completed and three days of interesting and instructive lectures are over. Joomlaproffs was obviously in place. We are very pleased that we had access to what the future holds for Joomla, directly from the platform developers.

Video of on J and Beyond

Today starts the year J and Beyond Conference and Joomlaproffs will be in place until tomorrow. J and Beyond is one of the largest Joomla conferences and is held once a year.

Say what you want about Microsoft, but few companies are investing so much resources on open source projects. Linux Foundation presented the contributors to the Linux project recently, and Microsoft is on top 20 list.

Not only Varberg BoIS picked points on the south stadium on Sunday, now even supporters of heel kick cheer for a new website signed Joomlaproffs. The page is designed for a compound of single-member registration via facebook integration, and ...

Joomla courses


Joomla is a very simple and easy to use system, but everything has a knowledge threshold and to avoid the first frustration, we offer the Joomlaproffs always lessons to our customers. Since Joomla is also as flexible as it is with ...

Brian Teeman is one of the founders of Joomla and is invited to speak at major Drupal conference in Munich. The name of the lecture is "Joomla! - Hippies, Pirates, Revolutionaries or a Distributed Community" and there will Brian Teeman share their personal ...

Now our sister site of Classical graphic design is ready to be launched. On you can get help with everything from developing stylish new logos and business cards to lay out catalogs or handle large print campaigns.

We think of course that there are many advantages to hire us or other experts for help to his website, and the totals are the article here. Joomla has traditionally been used by a lot of home nick think that usually passed ...

We can tell that Joomlaproffs been commissioned to build a new website for Varberg Bois supporters of the association heel kick. Soccer Team Varbergs Bois recent seasons defilerat through the league system and passed from ...

Joomlaproffs helped flyboard Scandinavia with setting up a new Joomla template to their website where they advertise a new invention that seems very exciting. The idea is to create a new sports gear that "combines skiing, acrobatics, flying, diving and water games".

We visit J and Beyond-conferance as 2012 held in German Bad Nauheim. Taden is perhaps best known for it was here that Elvis Presley did his military ...

Apple uses the website built in Joomla
updated ipadkampanj!

Website in Joomla Guggenheim

The website in Joomla that is Guggenheim art museums visible on the image in a new campaign for Apple's iPad. Guggenheim Foundation has several museums where those in New York and Bilbao are probably the two most well known, not least because of the buildings' architecture that belongs to 1900 century architecture classic. Their web site is built in Joomla 2011 and was rewarded with a J: Oscar for best idella site.

If that was not enough to some of the world's foremost art museums use Joomla so even thought the Apple side was so appealing that they use it in their marketing, among other things its website.

Read the original article on The Joomla! ® Community Magazine

Mobile friendly for

With mobile-optimized websites in Joomla you make it easy for visitors from smartphones to navigate on your side. With quick links to contacts via telefunnummer and e-mail, you see ...

Joomlaproffs help the largest community
Tizen around with a mobile adapted joomlamall.

With a mobile custom Joomla template 2.5 can now users on surf simple and clear in their smartphone. Since Tizen is an operating system for smartphones just felt like a very important feature of this site because a large part of the visitors
just use smartphones.

Mobile Custom Joomla

All news and articles, but also throughout the Kunena forum is now convenient to use in a mobile. A somewhat in shortened menu to do it oanvändarvänligt created. For a so-iPhone like feeling as possible, JQuery Mobile 1.1 library is used for the interface.

See the results in your smartphone

Do you also need help with a mobile-friendly template for your Joomla website?

Please contact us so we can help you!

We have made new website with customized
slideshow to Lolles menswear.

ref lolles

Today is the premiere of a new website that Joomlaproffs made to a local player in the fashion industry. Lolles sells upscale men's clothing and have their physical store in Varberg. Through a specially developed slideshow got Lolles a digital storefront to showcase their fine brands.

We are pleased to add this Joomla site 2.5 among our references and hope to continue our good cooperation. See the complete site on

We at Joomlaproffs always make any design without the use of templates and can therefore guarantee a unique page that always suits the customer. Are you also keen on a specially designed website as contact us here!

Joomlaproffs have migrated to Joomla 1.6 2.5 to businesses in the Stampen Group.

Adbid Stampen group logo

Adbid is a company of the Stampen group bidding out unsold seats on several popular sites. Through a wide network of morning papers over Sweden provides the cost-effective locations for banners on newspaper websites. Joomlaproffs migrated Adbids own site from Joomla 1.6 to the new LTS version 2.5. Once in 2.5 now updated Joomla by a click, making it extremely easy to always be updated to the latest version.

Visit Adbids new Joomla 2.5.4 website here:

If you have an older version of Joomla and want to upgrade? Read more here...

joomla logo

Joomla 2.5 is really a big positive step for Joomla and its community but it has also created some despair among old Joomla 1.5 pages in Sweden. "Should I upgrade now or wait until later?" Has become a common question among companies with a Joomla website.
Here I try to explain in more detail how you can make a decision on the matter.

The downside of not to upgrade:

Safety - The chance to be "chopped"

This is clearly the largest and most important point. In September 2012 1.5 Joomla stop receiving security updates leaving your website a little unsure of future security. However, if you jump on the Joomla 2.5 will have security updates in almost 2 years.

The development stops

As the developer of components, modules and extensions start focusing on using all the advantages that Joomla 2.5 providing they stop updating and improving its old 1.5 code. This allows the features you have on your website today 1.5 stop and closed to improve. The only option is to write custom code to build the special functions you need which is very costly.

The servers / browsers upgraded

Web hosting and other web hosting companies upgrade their software to the latest MySQL and PHP, which means that there may be problems in the older version of Joomla. Although browsers on desktops, smartphones and tablets are updated and phase out the old way to render and display Web pages. Just in smartphones this starts to become very clear.

Investing in an old Joomla is stupid

If you begin to invest in special features and designs / templates on your 1.5 it is not certain that it is convenient to transfer this to 2.5. It is better to make migration to Joomla 2.5 first and then invest in the platform.

The positive thing to upgrade to Joomla 2.5

Better Keyword Optimization / SEO

Joomla has evolved a lot with sökordoptimeringen the past. The latest Joomla doing everything just right for good positioning in Google's core system and it has become easier to manage this for you.

Easier and more efficient administration

Lots of new features for efficient managing your content in your Joomla page has been added. Among other things, it's much easier to make multiple selections at the same time with the copying, moving, etc.. Joomla 2.5 saves you a lot of time by having more intuitive solutions for a webmaster.

Simple "one-click" upgrades

The latest Joomla 2.5 is an incredibly easy to use systemt to be notified and then perform updates to the Joomla core and all installed components, modules and extensions (plugins).

Access to the latest components and extensions

Just there to be with the lace trend and get access to the improvements made in the Joomla core and all third-party developed components is a strong argument to upgrade. We are already seeing how the old Joomla 1.5 pages starting to become "dusty".

Do you have to upgrade now to a time then?

No, as yet there is no panic. Joomla 1.5 will, as I said earlier in this article to get security updates until September this year. Which gives you plenty of time to plan for your upgrade.

Contact us for a free evaluation what your page would cost to upgrade. Contact us

Read more about upgrades

We have helped Donso data with a customized page on facebook controlled via the Joomla!

donsofbWith a stylish and functional facebook page you can easily reach their customers. It is also a good place to build their brand outside the formal channels. We help Donso data with its new Facebook page. Besides a neat timeline, we take a step further and has bvyggt out their facebook with customized pages. These pages are perfect for campaigns to promote or showcase some of the company's own website.
Best of all is that the content is completely controlled from one admin pages in Joomla which means that these pages are updated when the website is updated.

Please contact us if you also want a customized page on facebook

Angie Radtke answering ten myths about Joomla!

joomla logo

1. Joomla! Is only for internal / private websites:

If the statement was "Joomla! Is also to private sites", I would agree wholeheartedly. In Joomla fundamental embodiment it is very easy to administer and use. Even with a little knowledge, you can quickly get very professional results. Large sites can be easily implemented with Joomla, provided that the web designer / developer in question has the necessary knowledge.

You can find plenty of examples on the Internet where Joomla been used to tiny to huge websites.

2. Joomla's architecture is outdated:

Joomla! has always been more than a pure CMS (content management system). Deep in its core is a range of useful features that make it easy for programmers to create web applications. With the release of the July 1,7 2011, it was decided to separate the two paths of development for the framework so that we actually have two parts to the project: A. A) Joomla Platform, B.) Joomla CMS.

Joomla! The platform can be used in very different areas, ranging from a simple web application to complex applications. These can be e-commerce systems, development of business, or even the identification of specific business processes. A new feature is the easier integration of applications on the command line. Joomla! CMS on the other hand is responsible for anything that requires good CMS. The whole system is based on object-oriented PHP code. The separation of logic and desgin achieved by the MVC (Model / View / Controller) principle, which gives us a special freedom in the design of the HTML output. I really do not know how such an architecture can be considered obsolete.

3. Joomla is insecure and easy to hack:

This reputation has rippled around for a long time. Joomla! is very easy to install and has relatively few demands on the server and the person performing the installation. Amateurs often install Joomla on the many cheap web hosts out there, often with weak passwords, outdated add-ons and other examples of administrative negligence. If the user then gets stuck, he often blames on the Joomla! and not the vulnerabilities that web hotel or the user's own carelessness.

It is important to distinguish between Joomla! Core and a Joomla! installation of an additional installed extensions. In many cases it is the supplements that opens doors. Joomla! is one of the most used CMS in the world and therefore it is certainly a more likely target for hackers than less widely CMS systems. To learn more about Joomla security, you should visit the Joomla Security documentation and find out more. Security_Checklist.

4. Joomla! websites are marked as malware and is therefore often inaccessible:

I have worked with Joomla! for many years, but it has never happened to me yet. This is probably due to the fact that I am very closely and review the extensions I install. A bad plugin can open and risking a lot joomlabaserad website.

5. Joomla modules are often based on tables in its layout:

This is not true for many Joomla versions back. But there are still some modules from third-party vendors that use tables. In the section on architecture I have already mentioned the MVC principle and its importance to the HTML output. If a module has insufficient HTML output, this can be easily changed using the "overrides" in the template. This does not take much effort, especially for modules, when the amount of HTML output is so limited.

6. Joomla is too big, too powerful and tough for most web pages:

According to a prejudice, Joomla! only for small sites, according to another, it is too great - how do you want it? The question of which CMS is best can not be answered, it just depends on what you want it to. There are some good Open Source Content Management System with different orientations. Which is the best to use for a particular project must be determined accurately - but many web designers do not fix to evaluate this. For a site with only five pages in Joomla! surely oversized.

7. Joomla text editor is only for experts and web professionals:

The most important task for a CMS tool is to manage content in a structured form and how it is displayed. WYSIWYG editor responsible for formatting. Joomla! forms the basis for the technical integration of many different editors, which is integrated in the system as plugins. By default, Joomla! with Tiny MCE or code mirror, but there are many other editors that can be downloaded as a package, ready to be installed. For my part, I prefer the JCE that can be configured with great precision. You can create user groups, and allow or disallow them to make the most diverse things. Not all users of the system must use the same editor, and this applies to all WYSIWYG editors. You can install multiple editor and assign them to individual users. This makes everyone happy.

8. Joomla is not progressing quickly enough:

In recent months, the release cycle has been a hotly debated topic in the Joomla community. There will now be a new major version every six months. Joomla! 2,5 released as planned in January this year. But remember that some things take time to really work properly. If things do not go fast enough for you, you are welcome to join and participate in the development itself.

9. Joomla is not flexible enough:

This is a prejudice that is very vague and I can only speculate about it. A Joomla! Article beshur it appears. But sometimes users want additional fields whose contents can be stored and searchable in the database. This feature is not yet available in Joomla! Core. So you have to take ContentConstructionsKits, such K2, Flexi Content or Seblod. We'll see if something starts to happen in the near future in this regard in the Joomla! Core, and we may no longer need the extra surcharges for the CCK in the future.

10. Joomla management of user rights is too complicated and is not suitable for smooth workflows:

From version 1.6 onwards, Joomla! offered a very well made and adjustable system användarrättighter. Particularly for very large websites with many editors can be very complex situations emerge. You can Administrator carefully consider who can do what and who is assigned to which group. Joomla! offers many options for this. To use them, you need to familiarize yourself with the Joomla! ACL system. This may take some time, but once you have understood how it works in general very good. If you want a more graphical view of this, take a look at the extension ACLManager.


Download JoomlaDownloads of Joomla has increased significantly in recent times. Then joomla released in July 1.7 2011 development has been explosive, and now is nedladningssnittet of about 1 million downloads per month. Explanations for the rapid development is the better features of the Joomla core easier (a clickable) upgrading and intelligent multi-language support. Additional factors are that even the availability of good tillägskomponenter increased significantly in the past year.

Today the 2,7% of all web pages in Joomla. Joomla's strengths is that the system is so flexible that Joomla runs everything from small personal blogs to large organizational and business pages. Examples of larger organizations using Joomla is Citibank, eBay, General Electric, Harvard University, Ikea, McDonald's and Sony. Read more on is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla name and logo are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

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