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Reference in focus: Nintendo Nordic

During 2017 and 2018 we have worked with Nintendo's entire Nordic site for Bergsala AB

They say you need to add 10 000 hours on something to be really good, and if there is something in addition to cobble websites we put this on, it's probably playing Nintendo.

We at Joomlaproffs, like many others in our generation, have spent much of childhood first in front of NES 8 and then Super Nintendo. In addition, we have been countless times on the highway past Kungsbacka (Bergsala AB out with E6an is the North Distributor of Nintendo) and dreamingly, the Super Mario statue thrives against the sky. It is therefore unnecessary to write how childishly pleased we were to get their new sites for the Nordic countries.

Web agency that built Nintendo Nordic's entire pages

Nintendo is also far from just nostalgia. Pokémon GO is undoubtedly the most famous game of the year, making Nintendo a strong brand for the future. Bergsala also made great demands on its new Nintendo site. When they came to us, they had problems with CMS who no longer got updates and had decided to switch to a future-proof system.

Big focus was on open source all the way from the webpage to the server. Our only counterpart was that they would re-launch the NES 8 bit console and when it turned out that it was already done, just getting started. We have installed and optimized a web server for fast performance. Complete web, server, import, and custom solution for efficient management. We have also worked closely to insert all Nintendo products and titles focusing on ease of handling for both Nintendo users and users who visit the site. Furthermore, we developed an advanced search / filter feature that goes far beyond a standard standard search.

Visit the four domains Nintendo Nordic:

The Web pages are managed from a central Joomlainstallation for all four languages ​​/ domains.

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