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We offer integrations with the most popular social media platforms.


LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others can be used to strengthen a company’s brand and also make daily work in the organisation easier. Use Facebook to login to your website instead of troublesome registration forms. You can display trendy images using Instagram. Keep track of what’s going on in your sector and facilitate the application process via LinkedIn. We help your organisation find the right media and areas of use.



Popular social media

Some of today’s most used social media

Metro Instagram


A picture says more than a 1000 words. Post photos and give them a professional and trendy look through different filters. This is useful for products that are subject to trends such as fashion/clothing and eye glasses...

Metro Twitter


Twitter is a short text based messaging service. Twitter is widely used among people in media, politics as well as by other people in the public eye.

Metro Pinterest


Pinterest gathers images in an attractive collage and has become very popular during the last 2 years. Create digital mood boards and share with others.

Metro Linkedin


Gather contacts and expertise. Follow current events globally or join local groups to cooperate and find out about events. A good way to find new talent and simplify the application process.

Metro Facebook


Facebook needs no introduction. The without-a-doubt biggest of them all.

Metro continuous help

ongoing assistance

We can assist you by handling your social media on a continuous basis with attractive images and enjoyable contests! Contact us for more info. - Organise your Social Media!

Have not time to update your Google Plus and Twitter account? Is the last post from 2014?


Buffer Social Media


We recommend anyone who works with Social Media to use the service (which includes App to Andorid and iOS, Firefox plugin and web service). With Buffer, you can plan your marketing in a calendar in advance and save a lot of time. With Buffer, you can also send updates at the same time to all your channels and also save a lot of time.

An invaluable tool for those who feel it's easy to keep your social media active. Read more about Buffer on



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