Klarna checkout

New unique e-commerce to Image Expert!

Wednesday, 12 september 2018 12: 42
The iltexperten is a family company that focuses on sports photography and school photography. They annually photograph children and youngsters around ...

New reference shop - Netjakt.se

Wednesday, 07 March 2018 17: 46
Then the work was done with another webshop built on Joomla CMS. Clean and simple design mixed with powerful filtering features.

Edblad.com is based on our VMuikit!

Friday, 05 december 2014 00: 00
hitecloud.se (Webbyrå in Stockholm) was commissioned to rebuild Edblad.com. Edblads is a "Gasell company" for the second consecutive year 2014. ...

Advanced, responsive checkout with Klarna Checkout for Virtuemart

Friday, 07 February 2014 12: 26
Now, we have developed a new modern cash to Virtuemart and adapted it to Klarna Checkout.

Online shop that works in your mobile phone!

Tuesday, January 21 2014 14: 40
You helped our customer Hälsogiganten.se with a refreshment of their webshop. In connection with this we were looking forward to making the whole page responsive, what ...

Joomlaprofessionals.com launches a new online shop for Friluftsvaror.se.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 14: 48
Rufuftsvaror has been in 46år and sells products for outdoor activities such as tents, hiking boots, rucksacks and much more. ...

The first Klarna Checkout for VirtueMart in Norway!

Wednesday, October 09 2013 15: 06
u have installed our first checkout for our neighboring country Norway! Just a couple of weeks ago, Klarna opened up its new Klarna Checkbox ...

Klarna’s express-checkout (Klarna Checkout) has come to Norway and Finland!

Monday, August 26 2013 00: 00
I am pleased that Klarna has come forward with its really efficient cash register Klarna Checkout in Scandinavia. First out are Norway and Finland! With Klarna Check ...

Klarna Checkout for Skinnbolaget.se

Thursday, 18 April 2013 12: 41
Now we have installed Klarna Checkout on www.skinnbolaget.se

Klarna Checkout for Virtuemart!

Friday, 15 February 2013 13: 47
Joomlaproffs has now developed a payment module for Klarna's new "super cash" Klarna Checkout.

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