Programming & Development

We are open source advocates and we use the benefits of this to the maximum. Smaller library for small features or entire systems like Joomla CMS or VirtueMart. In our digital workshop, we have built intranet features, product catalogs with filtering features, e-commerce e-commerce, business management links, and highly effective design to the latest technical level of the day web. We therefore feel very confident about what we can build and would like to do in programming for everything on the web.

Specially developed code for your specific features

We help you with everything from concept development to creating just the features you're looking for on your project, whether it's in Joomla or an entirely different system. Techniques we know are PHP, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, CSS, MySQL, MariaDB and a lot more.

We can also Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal and how these are built.

Please contact us if you have a new idea or if you want to expand the existing capabilities so we uppsakttar a price of projketet!

PHP developer in Gothenburg

PHP Development based on it. Joomla builds on it-we use it to the fullest on virtually all of our projects.
Javascript & Vue.js Developer in Gothenburg

Javascript & Vue.js

Javascript helps us build advanced features and user cross-sections. If the highly advanced features are required, we like to use the Vue.js javascript library. .

Bootstrap & UIkit developer in Gothenburg

Bootstrap, IUKit, ... Materialize

Today, based most often interface with existing frameworks such as the immensely popular Bootstrap. We have programmed the Bootstrap since it was released!
HTML5 developer in Gothenburg


HTML5 opened the door for much more advanced web when it was launched.
MySQL and MariaDB experts in Gothenburg

MySQL / MariaDB

We can database management and optimization.
Optimized code for PHP and Java in Gothenburg

optimized Code

We are sure that the code is as optimized as possible. When code and server are in harmony everything goes fast! is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla name and logo are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

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